Baba Marta – Spring Festival
Baba Marta is one of the most favorite festivities for people of all ages! Bringing smiles, the warming up of the hearts, spring mood and hope for a great, healthy and prosperous rest of the year!
Come and celebrate Baba Marta like old Thracian, Greek and Roman inhabitants did 1000 years ago on the lands of the Balkan Peninsula and how today’s population continues to do. Learn how to make martenitzi ornaments for love and good luck or buy such for your loved ones. Taste the delicious pastries reminiscent of the ones that were baked by the people from the Danube’s river valley. Also enjoy the centuries old folk music from the Balkans. Hear the story of Baba Marta and find out how to please her so she brings the sunny spring weather, blooming trees, and joy!
What: Fourth Annual Baba Marta Festival
Where: Krohn Conservatory
Address: 1501 Edén Park Drive, Cincinnati, OH 45202
When: Saturday, March 7nd, 2019
Official Opening Ceremony starts at 11 a.m.
See you soon!