Welcome to BGCINCY.org – the official site of the Bulgarian Association of Cincinnati.


The site has two levels – General (non-member) and a Member-only section. There is no obvious separation between the levels. If you are on a page that requires a password that means that you are trying to access a Member-only section.


General (non-member) section:
This section can be accessed by anyone and it doesn’t require registration. Here we post general information, promotions, upcoming events, etc. The main function of the non-member part of the site is to provide useful information regarding the Bulgarian society in and around Cincinnati and to collect information on all upcoming events and list them on it’s calendar page. This means that anyone can send us an event to be posted on the main calendar. It could be anything from a park outing to a new chess game social that somebody wants to start. We currently don’t have specific requirements as to what exactly events we would approve but in general anything that relates to us and offers ways to interact and get together will pass the bar.

To submit an event click here.
Member-only section:
This section is open to all registered BAC “Bulgarian Association of Cincinnati” members. You are a member if you paid your membership at any of the recent BAC events or you registered online.

To become a member click here.
(NOTE: Paying online cost $51.11 which includes $1.11 processing fee which we don’t incur if you pay in person at any of the BAC sponsored events.
Registering online gives you the option to pay more than the minimum amount which we consider as a very generous donation. Your membership is valid for the calendar year and expiries on Dec. 31.
The member-only section gives you the ability to create your own profile in the organization. You can then connect with other members, start discussions, create your own group and invite members to join.

Questions? Send us a note here.